Saturday, February 11, 2012

And so it begins..

Why hello! I've been meaning to get around to this for a long time. This blog is going to serve as an offload point for the work I do for Riot and League of Legends, once those assets have been publicly released and I have the proper authorization.

I hope to give you fans and art enjoyer-ers a peak into our pre-production process at Riot. A whole ton of development goes into creating a champion or skin. What I present is only a fraction of the total work that may go into such an asset. None of the concepts you see would at all be possible without an extremely dedicated and talented team, or an organisation like Riot allowing such creativity to be explored by artists and other developers. I hope you enjoy what I have to present and hope to hear feedback as to what you, the fans, have to contribute!

As always.. May the sun shine upon your blades and the Great Parrot watch over you! :D

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